Ofrynio Beach (Tuzla), Kavala, Greece, 64008

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 Available again for bookings, from March 1, 2021

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Rebranding  of  RIVIERA  KAVALAS  to

COSTA OFRYNIO BOOKING - press release 15/12/20

From January 1, 2021 RIVIERA KAVALAS based in Ofrinio Beach


Who We Are

“Your dream vacation starts here”

We are RIVIERA, a tourist accommodation management company. We are the newest member of a large Group, Kourtidis Group, which has been successfully operating in Northern Greece for 24 years in the field of construction and Real Estate. We created a new Greek platform, Rivierakavalas.rent, an advanced search engine for rent tourist accommodation.

We passionately believe in the power of traveling and we try to make the travel experience more accessible to everyone on a daily basis. You will find easily and quickly affordable accommodation that will host you on your vacation.

We have houses, villas, apartments for rent in the most beautiful seaside areas of the Prefecture of Kavala and especially in Ofrinio Beach (Paralia Ofriniou).

The beach of Ofrinio, also known as "Tuzla", is located at the west end of Kavala Prefecture. With the beaches of Kariani and Orfani they compose a single beautiful sandy beach of 17 km making the area a busy resort and a pole of attraction for thousands of visitors both indoors and outdoors during the summer season.

Located in a unique geographical position, among 4 prefectures, it offers alternative forms of tourism with many interesting excursions to sites that are intense of archaeological, cultural, environmental and religious interest (Amphipoli, Philippi, Mount Athos etc.).

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    Palm Complex

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    Dream Suites

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    Thalassa Complex

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    Danai Complex

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    Dionysos Complex

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    Riviera apartments


Ofrynio Beach (Tuzla), Kavala, Greece, 64008

T.  +30 2594031789        M.  +30 6937296189